Appropriate Outpatient Anemia workups

From the 2022 HVPA National Conference

Jason Kirincich MD (Cleveland Clinic Foundation), Lauren Granat DO, Anirudh Yalamanchali MD, Gretchen Santana Cepero MD, Aidan Neustadtl MD, Marcus Dempster DO, Saeid Mirzai DO, Puneet Dhillon DO, Kathryn Dere MD, Brendan Cokingtin MD, Brett Johnson MD, Remy Fadel MD

Anemia can be an overlooked pathology in the outpatient setting which may not receive the necessary diagnostic work-up. Lack of necessary diagnostic work-up at our institution’s outpatient population can lead to a lack of diagnosis and appropriate treatment.  This can cause a lack of documentation and recognition from other caregivers. Our institution sought to increase the number of patients with a diagnosis specific anemia etiology within 10 weeks in patients with a new diagnosis of anemia or already established anemia by 10%. We developed a program on our electronic medical record system to efficiently gather diagnostic information and aid in the establishment of an anemia diagnosis. The intervention led to increased provider satisfaction and recognition of effectiveness. 

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