2017 National Conference Awards

July 10, 2017

The High Value Practice Academic Alliance (HVPAA) announces awards for exceptional quality improvement abstracts to be presented at the inaugural research and education conference on October 8-9, 2017 in Baltimore, MD.

More than 160 abstracts from 55 academic medical centers were submitted to the inaugural HVPAA conference. Abstracts were reviewed and scored for patient care quality improvement, safety outcomes and potential for cost reduction by HVPAA faculty from 45 academic medical centers. Three major conference awards are being given for Best Multidisciplinary Initiative, Best Residency Initiative and Best High Value Care GMEC or Medical School Curriculum. The highest scoring abstracts in the categories of Diagnostic Tests, Treatments & Procedures, and Provider Behavioral Modification & Informatics are also being recognized for excellence.


Best Residency Initiative

High Value Care in the Surgical ICU: Effect on Ancillary ResourcesAra Ko, MD, MPH; Jason Murry, MD; David Hoang, MD; Megan Harada, BA; Lia Aquino, BA; Charles Coffey, MD; Harry Sax, MD, FACS, FACHE; Rodrigo F. Alban, MD, FACS; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Best Multidisiciplinary Initiative

Implementing an Evidence-based, Data-driven, Health System-wide Patient Blood Management ProgramLauren Scher, MD; Pranjal Gupta, BS; William Yang, BS; Mereze Visagie, BS; Josh Wetzler, BS; Stanley Podlasek, MD; Pat Wachter, MA; K.H. Ken Lee, PhD; Tyler Wintermeyer, MS; Emily Liu, PhD; Renee Demski, MSW, MBA; Paul Ness, MD; Steven Frank, MD; Johns Hopkins Health System


1st place – The Illusion of Safety: An Effective Approach To Resident Over-Utilization of TelemetryAmit Pahwa, MD; Calvin Kagan, MD; Leonard Feldman, MD; Tim Niessen, MD; Keisha Perrin, RN; Arielle Apfel, MPH; Natalie Spicyn, MD. Johns Hopkins Hospital
2nd place – Multifaceted Intervention to Reduce Inpatient Laboratory Utilization at University of Utah HealthClaire Ciarkowski, MD; Peter Yarbrough, MD; Nathan Wanner, MD; Karli Edholm, MD; Devin Horton, MD; Kensaku Kawamoto, MD, PhD, MHS; Polina Kukhareva, MPH, MS; University of Utah Health
Honorable Mention – Better Utilization of Lab Testing to Reduce Medical Costs; A Quality Improvement Project to Reduce BMP and CBC Utilization Among Medical Residents at Mount Carmel WestNoah Hagen, DO; Carter Battista, DO; Olamide Johnson, DO: Stacie Hirota, DO; Marie Josee-Page, DO; Jason Son, DO; Adam Thomas, DO; David Aufdencamp, MBA; Robert Battisti, MD; Mount Carmel West


1st place – Standardizing Withdrawal Prevention Using QI Methodology Decreases Hospital Length of StayVivian Lee, MD; Joyce Koh, MD; John Rodgers, MD; Robyn Kuroki, MD; Phuong Lieu, PharmD; Jin Kim, PharmD; Nancy Chen, MD; Lara Nelson, MD; Rambod Amirnovin, MD; Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Keck School of Medicine
2nd place – Implementation of Evidence-based Appropriateness Guidelines for Spine Pain Injection for Patients with Chronic Low Back PainLubdha Shah, MD, Troy Hutchins, MD, Chris Davidson, MD, Yoshimi Anzai, MD, MPH, University of Utah Health
Honorable Mention – Self-Administered Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy: Better Care at Lower CostsAnisha Ganguly, BS, BA; Kavita Bhavan, MD, MHS; Deepak Agrawal, MD, MPH; University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


1st place – Use of Simulation to Assess Incoming Interns’ Recognition of Opportunities to Choose WiselyKathleen Wiest, BS; Jeanne Farnan, MD, MHPE; Ellen Byrne, MPP; Lukas Matern, BS; Kristen Hirsch, BSGS; Melissa Cappaert, MA; Vineet Arora, MD, MAPP; University of Chicago Medical Center
2nd place – Providing Care in Tandem: Supporting Psychiatric Patients with Complex Medical Co-morbiditiesNicole Adler, MD; Martha Bailey, MS; Michael Walton, MD; Lori Aavik, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC; Steven Chatfield, MBA; Frank Volpicelli, MD; Robert Press, MD, PhD; NYU Langone Health System
Honorable Mention – Smart Medicine – Implementing a Mobile Application and Wearable Technology to Improve Hospital Discharge Patient Safety and Quality: Preliminary 30-Day Readmission and Cost-Effective Findings from the MiCORE StudyHelen Xun, BS; Lochan Shah, BS; Francoise Marvel, MD; Seth Martin, MD, MHS; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


1st place – Novel Curriculum Effectively Teaches High-Value Care Principles to 1st Year Medical Students & Effect of High Value Care Curriculum in Third Year Medicine ClerkshipAmit Pahwa, MD; Danelle Cayea, MD; Kevin Eaton, MD; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
2nd place – Choosing Wisely Jeopardy: Interactive Gaming session to learn High Value CareKshitij Thakur, MD; Marijeta Pekez, MD; Crozer Chester Medical Center
Honorable Mention – Resident curriculum in care transitionsErwin Wang, MD; Janine Knudsen, MD; Harry Saag, MD; Kerrilynn Carley, MD; Andrew Dikman, MD; NYU Langone Health System

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