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Monthly conference calls feature educational presentations by faculty from different institutions, to guide implementation of value improvement projects. Recordings of the presentations are available for HVPAA members. 


  • January 16: National Conference Planning
  • February 20: Guest Speaker, economist David Gaines
  • March 20: Pediatric high value care
  • April 17: Tony Breu ~ TWDFNR: Treating Hypertensive Urgency
  • May 15: Amber Inofuentes
  • June 19: Mustapha Saheed, Evidence based guidelines for high value emergency medicine


  • January 17: Guest Speaker- Chris Moriates, MD
  • February 21: Innovative Educational Curricula- NYU, Hopkins & Crozer Chester
  • March 21: Optimizing vascular access- NYU, UTSW, Michigan, UT San Antonio
  • April 18: Operational meeting
  • May 16: Reducing daily labs- Implementation Guide Team
  • June 20: ERAS pathways, Michael Grant, MD, PhD
  • July 18: Welcome Future Leaders Program
  • August 15: Reducing sedatives in elderly patients, Christine Soong, U Toronto
  • September 19: Holiday
  • October 17: Reducing unnecessary proton pump inhibitors- UTSW, NYU, Icahn

2017 TOPICS 


Value Conversation Modules from Costs of Care Provide CME credit!

Discovering value based healthcare: interactive modules Interactive Learning Modules from Chris Moriates, Associate Dean for Healthcare Value, Dell Medical School

American College of Physicians online high value resources

CanMEDS Resource Stewardship Curriculum Toolkit Series Toolkits designed to help teach residents the foundations of resource stewardship. These free toolkits include things like modifiable power point slide decks, annotated bibliographies, how-to guides, etc.

One Minute Guides (OMG), a series of educational summaries from Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine High Value Care Committee


Understanding Value Based Healthcare by Christopher Moriates, Vineet Arora and Neel Shah

Value-driven outcomes model established by Vivian Lee, MD, PhD, MBA and others at the University of Utah: Implementation of a Value-Driven Outcomes Program to Identify High Variability in Clinical Costs and Outcomes and Association With Reduced Cost and Improved Quality

Transitioning to a High Value Health Care Model: Academic Accountability.


The IHI National Forum is a leading international conference dedicated to improving health care quality and safety. Learn more on their website

As stated on their website, the American College of Medical Quality‘s mission is to provide leadership and education in healthcare quality management. Visit their website to learn about educational resources and programs for medical personnel interested in quality improvement.

 EQUIP: Excellence in QI certificate program. University of Toronto is offering an Excellence in Quality Improvement  Certificate Program (EQUIP) for trainees and faculty interested in an advanced QI training course with a focus on an academic QI career pathVisit their website for more information