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Movement to accelerate value education nationally

HVPAA and Costs of Care are teaming up to ignite high-value care medical education across the United States in a new campaign entitled MAVEN: Movement to Accelerate Value Education Nationally.

Our mission is for every medically related graduate school and graduate level training program (nursing, advanced practice provider, physician) to include principles of high-value practice in their curricula.

Does your medical school or residency training program include health care value in the curriculum?

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Medical educators in need of high-value care curricula can easily change the answer from “no” to “yes” using this 4 year curriculum for medical school or graduate medical education (residency, fellowship) training programs. All resources are free.

Year 1

Discovering Value Based Healthcare Interactive modules from Dell Medical School, UT Austin: Modules 1-4

Year 2

Costs of Care Value Conversation Series Modules 

Year 3

Year 4

Value-based quality improvement project resources for residency and fellowship programs:

Free, high-quality online resources


Imaging Stewardship

Laboratory Stewardship

Antibiotic Stewardship

Opioid Stewardship

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