Eliminating Creatine Kinase–Myocardial Band Testing in Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome:  A Value-Based Quality Improvement  Matthew D. Alvin, MD, MBA, MS, MAAllan S. Jaffe, MDRoy C. Ziegelstein, MD, MACPJeffrey C. Trost, MD

Evidence-Based Guidelines to Eliminate Repetitive Laboratory Testing Kevin Eaton, MD; Kathryn Levy, MD; Christine Soong, MDAmit K. Pahwa, MDChristopher Petrilli, MDJustin B. Ziemba, MDHyung J. Cho, MDRodrigo Alban, MD, Jaime F. Blanck, MLIS, MPA, AHIPAndrew S. Parsons, MD, MPH

Eliminating Inappropriate Telemetry Monitoring: An Evidence-Based Implementation Guide Raymond Y. Yeow, MDGarth W. Strohbehn, MD, MPhilCalvin M. Kagan, MD, MPHChristopher M. Petrilli, MDJamuna K. Krishnan, MD;Karli Edholm, MDL. Scott Sussman, MDJaime F. Blanck, MLIS, MPA, AHIPRemus I. Popa, MDAmit K. Pahwa, MD

High Value Practice Academic Alliance

Health Affairs Blog: Diffusion Of Innovation To Improve Health Care Value: Physician-Led Care Redesign

  • “Holding fast to the mission of medicine, performance improvement teams in hospitals and health systems across the country are responding to inappropriate use by implementing educational campaigns, integrating evidence-based clinical decision support guidance into the electronic medical record, and distributing individual provider performance feedback reports in an effort to reduce unnecessary use of tests and treatments.”

Modern Healthcare

  • “To make (the campaign) more powerful, we really need to help each of our health systems across the state work together,” she said. “It is important that we espouse the same philosophy and we share data.”  University of Chicago Medicine is in the midst of partnerships with medical socialites and health systems across the nation to adopt Choosing Wisely principles together. For example, U of C is part of the High Value Practice Alliance organized by Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore. The goal is to engage medical students and residents on ways to reduce unnecessary testing and other services. “That is the wave of the future that does take time,” said Dr. Vineet Arora, a hospitalist and director of the GME Clinical Learning Environment Innovation at the U of C.

US News

  • “Fortunately, positive change is afoot…The High-Value Practice Academic Alliance, a coalition of 90 academic medical centers, has a mission to lead widespread and lasting improvements in health care value through collaborative quality improvement, education and research.”

USA Today

  • “To get at these drivers of cost, Bezos and company will need to partner with the grassroots groundswell of doctors who are writing, speaking and fighting for more appropriate medical care in the U.S. They are calling for a reversal of payment models that incentivize quantity over quality”

Academic Medicine

  • “Yet, all the teaching in the world can be undone within a few hours of a student hanging out on the wards with a senior resident who does not embrace the same principles. In their article, Dr. Johnson and colleagues provide an “implementation blueprint,” with a number of pragmatic steps and examples of how academic medical centers can advance high value practice. They have organized an impressive group of more than 80 academic medical institutions across the US and Canada, forming the High Value Practice Academic Alliance (HVPAA). At a recent HVPAA summit, there were more than 100 abstracts, largely authored by trainees, illustrating widespread efforts to integrate the concepts of value into health care delivery”

Hospital Pediatrics

  • “The use of this PHIS report card with ABCs represents 1 of many attempts to address overuse and waste in medicine outside of the federal government. The CWC now comprises more than 500 specialty society recommendations. The not-for-profit groups Preventing Over-diagnosis and the Lown Foundation both have their fifth conference on overuse this year. The newly formed High Value Practice Academic Alliance, a consortium of academic institutions housed at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will hold its first research and education conference this year.”
  • Aunt Minnie: Group hosts national high-value healthcare conference
    •  The High Value Practice Academic Alliance (HVPAA) hosted a national conference in October celebrating high-value medical care through the presentation of more than 100 quality improvement projects aimed at reducing low-value practice…

What are academic medical centers across the country doing to improve healthcare value?

Value improvement guides: Published reviews in JAMA Internal Medicine coauthored by experienced faculty from multiple leading medical centers, with safety outcomes data and an implementation blue print.

Review article detailing 25 labs to refine for high value quality improvement | July 2020

MAVEN campaign: Free 4 year high value care curriculum online.

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