High Value Care at your Fingertips: Development of an iPhone App

From the 2019 HVPAA National Conference

Dr. Jessica Donato (Cleveland Clinic Foundation), Ms. Courtney Covert (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)


A monthly high value care (HVC) conference was implemented at our large internal medicine training program. Each conference includes a review of evidence and guidelines related to the clinical topic for the given conference and a 1-page handout with key take-home points related to high-value management strategies and key evidence. Trainees within our program sought an electronic resource for easy access to curricular materials from each HVC conference.


We sought to develop a high value care iPhone application to make high value care curricular materials and other electronic high value care resources readily available to our training program.


An iPhone application was developed in December 2018. The application includes access to PowerPoint slides and 1-page handouts from each high value care conference. The application also includes links to six key HVC websites including Choosing Wisely, Costs of Care, and the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria. The application also includes a “Question of the Week” in which users can complete a MKSAP question under the domain of high value care.


The application will be released to our training program in the coming months through the Apple App Store. We plan to measure the number of downloads and assess the utility and impact of the application in our annual survey evaluating the high value care conference.


Medical education in the current state must adapt to millennial learners. Our high value care conference includes high-yield PowerPoint slides which summarize evidence and guidelines, in addition to a 1-page handout. In order to make these curricular resources readily available to our trainees, we developed an iPhone application. This electronic tool is convenient, user-friendly and includes other HVC resources and educational tools such as a question of the week. We believe this will enhance trainee implementation of high-value care practices through more readily available resources and evidence to support high-value management strategies taught in our HVC conference.

Clinical Implications

Electronic curricular resources, such as iPhone applications, are becoming more popular and effective educational tools for millennial learners. We describe the development of a novel high value care iPhone application to make curricular materials and high value care resources readily available to our large internal medicine training program to reinforce principles from our monthly educational conference and enhance high value care practices in the clinical setting.

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