AccuVax: Efforts to Reduce Vaccine Waste and Optimize Inventory

From the 2023 HVPA National Conference

Brandon Spivey, Postgraduate (University of South Carolina School of Medicine), Matthew O’Brien, Postgraduate (University of South Carolina School of Medicine)

AccuVax® is a vaccine management system intended to guarantee temperature-controlled vaccine storage, monitor inventories efficiently, and minimize waste. While this system can offer significant savings and efficiency, improper usage can lead to inaccurate inventory levels, hindered workflows, and waste. ObjectiveThis project sought to train staff on the system’s interface, reduce waste, and reduce vaccine surplus inventory.

A training program was delivered to all clinical staff with pre- and post-testing. Vaccine formulary was audited from 06/15/22-01/15/23. “Average Days on Hand” is a metric established to quantify the average vaccine inventory in storage before administration. Waste costs were extrapolated from the assumption of expiration if over a year of days on hand. Optimized vaccine inventory levels were calculated using “Dispense Number” to calculate “Number of Units Used per Day” and set “Target Days on Hand” to be 60 with higher utilized vaccines 90 to minimize staff loading times/shortages.

Staff knowledge of interface increased after training by 11%. Formulary inventory was optimized for clinic needs with an average absolute percent change of 2646%. Vaccine costs were reduced by 39.5%.

Conclusions / Clinical Implications:
As the healthcare industry continues to integrate new digital information systems, adequate staff training is vital to guarantee effective utilization. This study provided recommendations on vaccine quantities best suited for the patient population using “Average Days on Hand” as a metric. The savings from this study demonstrate the opportunity for health care systems to minimize wasteful spending so resources can be better utilized for patient care.

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