Resident, fellow and student section



Cleveland Clinic

  • Divyajot Singh Sadana, MD, Internal Medicine Resident

Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center

  • Chandni Vaid, MD, Pediatric Resident
  • Alice Rhee, MD, Pediatric Resident

Greenwich Hospital

  • Steven Smith, MD, Internal Medicine Resident

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

  • Karan Desai, MD, Internal Medicine Resident

Johns Hopkins Hospital

  • Matthew Alvin, MD, MBA, Radiology Resident
  • Michael Daniel, MD, Internal Medicine Intern
  • Kevin Eaton, MD, Internal Medicine Resident
  • Keli Kolegraf, MD, PhD, Plastic Surgery Resident
  • Lauren Scher, MD, Anesthesia Resident

Loyola University Medical Center

  • Perry Formanek, MD, Chief Resident of Quality and Safety, Internal Medicine

New York University Langone Medical Center

  • Arielle Pratzer, MD, Medicine Resident

Temple University Hospital

  • Farouk Dako, MD, Radiology Resident

University of California San Diego

  • Jack Temple, MD, Internal Medicine Resident
  • Meera Subash, MD, Chief Medical Resident for Quality and Safety

University of Michigan

  • Garth Strohbehn, MD, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine
  • Kate Levy, MD, Chief Resident Elect, Internal Medicine

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

  • Mark Chandler, MD, Internal Medicine Resident
  • Tam Le, Medical Student
  • Kevin Kohler, Medical Student

University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Joseph Dottino, MD. Gynecologic Oncology Fellow
  • Kaitlin Christopherson, MD, Radiation Oncology Resident
  • Shalini Moningi, MD, Radiation Oncology Resident

University of Washington

  • Stephanie Carr, MD, Internal Medicine Resident

University of Wisconsin

  • Jessica Tischendorf, MD, Internal Medicine Resident

Weill Cornell Medical Center

  • Jamuna Krisnan, MD, Pulmonary Fellow
  • Derek Mazique, MD, Quality Improvement Chief Resident