About the alliance


1In recognition of the rising costs of US health care, medical centers across the country are striving to reduce utilization of tests, procedures and treatments that increase patients’ financial burden without adding value to their care. The High Value Practice Academic Alliance was created in June 2016 by Pamela T. Johnson, MD, Vice Chair of Education in Radiology and Director of Appropriate Imaging and Roy Ziegelstein, MD, Vice Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, to serve as a national forum for academic institutions to come together, advance successful improvements, disseminate evidence, and engage their trainees in this important work. They direct the alliance with two of Johns Hopkins high value champions, hospitalists Leonard Feldman, MD and Amit Pahwa, MD. Drs. Feldman, Pahwa and Johnson also lead the Johns Hopkins Health System High Value Care Committee. 

Cross-institutional collaboration is essential to effectively refining medical practice on a national scale through quality improvement initiatives, research, education and innovation related to value-based health care. Comprised of >80 partner institutions, the organization’s mission is to lead widespread and lasting improvements in health care value.

  1. Medicine is a public trust, and to maintain the trust that the public places in physicians and other health care workers, medical providers have a responsibility to improve value in health care by eliminating unnecessary tests, procedures and treatments.
  2. Cross-institutional collaboration is essential to effectively improve health care value on a national scale.
  3. Outcomes research must ensure that cost-conscious care does not compromise providers’ ability to appropriately diagnose and treat patients, and that in many circumstances it may result in improved patient outcomes.
  4. Engaging medical students, resident physicians and fellows in this work is key to creating lasting improvements in practice.

The alliance provides a forum for academic medical institutions to collaborate on best practice performance improvement initiatives and peer reviewed publications related to health care value. The alliance does not provide medical advice.